Creating Velocity is manipulating distance and time.   


My Banded Velocity Pitching System is designed to increase stride distance and decrease time it takes to stride.

$ BACK GUARANTEE = 3-6MPH INCREASE WITH The Banded Velocity Pitching System.​

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  • The Banded Velocity Pitching System includes the following programs now in a convenient mobile app:


    • 4-Week Mechanics Program

    • 6-Week Velocity Program

    • 16-Week Off Season Strength Training Program

    • 4-Week Preseason Program

    • School Season Maintenance Program

    • Summer Season Maintenance Program

    • Full Year Around Conditioning Schedule

    • Two Week Recovery Program

    • How-To Guide To Customize Your 12 Month Schedule

    • Hip Mobility Program

    • Shoulder Stability Program

    • 6D Core Training Program


    This information is worth over $2000 annually to train with me in person. You get all of this to use at home for Only $199!


  • The Formula for Velocity is VELO = Distance/Time.  


    The words Power and Velocity get used loosely for sports. How many people using these words understand the laws of physics that support what those words really mean?


    When trying to manipulate objects in motion utilizing the laws of physics, the equations become simple.


    Power = Force x Velocity

    Force = Mass x Acceleration

    Velocity = Distance/Time


    The Real Secret to increasing your pitching ability is Velocity; it is the key to landing a College Scholarship -  Throw gas or get passed.


    Now, you can still land a college scholarship, but the window to develop high level velocity in time to get a coach’s attention is short… The Banded Velocity System is HOW and WHEN to SAFELY add velocity while avoiding injury.  

    Reasons Why I designed the Banded Velocity System:


    • Hired a pitching coach. A lot of pitching coaches focus on learning movement pitches. Most do not have true techniques that develop velocity.


    • Hired a strength coach. Being strong definitely helps, however, it does not always transition into more pitching velocity.  


    • Spent thousands on Exposure camps. Lighting up a radar gun is the easiest way to stand out. You either expose your talents or expose your weaknesses.   


    These methods in theory should be enough, but most pitchers continue to fall short of increasing or sustaining TRUE velocity. 


    There is no entry level or process to become a Pitching Coach. Best case scenario, coaches providing misinformation are going off what they were told and just do not know any better. I do not want to believe any coach is intentionally leading players down the wrong path but keep coaching anyways. Is this better?


    Here is the TRUTH: You do not need the latest tool or more and more made up drill work off Instagram that just looks cool. You can not afford to lose more time. 


    Athletes put their dreams into the process and the process continues to come up short. They work daily but not on the actual steps they need to reach their velocity goals. 



    Time and time again, we see athletes run out of time to land their dream school when they pour so much into the failing system. It’s truly heartbreaking. 


    And you know what? We made a better system. 


    Why? Because We know that the tactics and tools others are marketing are INCOMPLETE. Leading people down the wrong path and completely stalling their progress. 



    What You Need: 


    Is detailed and delivered in the banded velocity system.


    One simplistic program that takes the science of power development and spoon feeds you the steps.  

    How do we know? Because the philosophies of true speed and power development have been tested in every type of sport in every type of training environment. I just created a program specifically for Fast-Pitch Softball Pitchers and designed the equipment to help athletes safely add velocity. And It Works.

As an Added BONUS, each program includes our Six Week Exit Velocity Program for training hitters. 


We have been developing our Exit Velocity Program at the Engineered Performance Lab to go along with the banded system. In our first test group of baseball players, we saw exit velocity increase from 3 to 7 mph overall.


Four athletes recorded over 95 mph exit velocity off the tee.


Two athletes record 100 mph+ exit velocity off of front toss. We confirm our exit velocities with Rapsosdo.





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